Women laugh…but sometimes it’s no laughing matter.

Women commonly develop urinary leakage after delivering their children. Symptoms are often unpleasant with leakage, frequent need for pads, hygiene issues, and embarrassment. In the past, treatment of urinary incontinence required significant operations with long recuperation. Hence, many women suffered from their urinary incontinence symptoms rather than seeking a cure. A new procedure called a mid-urethral sling, now offers great results with urinary leakage corrected in most women with a minor procedure and rapid recovery. Finally, women no longer need to suffer from unpleasant urinary incontinence symptoms.

Urinary leakage is caused by changing in the bladder’s position due to the stress on the pelvic structures of delivering an infant. Due to the process of childbirth, the bladder tends to drop down further into the pelvis and as the bladder drops, urinary control worsens. The most common symptoms of urine loss related to poor support are leakage with coughing, sneezing, laughing or any activity that increases pressure within the abdomen.

Women who have urine leakage should definitely be seen by their gynecologist for evaluation. A routine gynecologic evaluation can often help determine whether urine loss is due to poor support. Our practice also has the most advanced urodynamic diagnostic equipment available to evaluate the bladder. Sometimes, the office evaluation helps to determine that urine leakage is related to other minor problems that can be treated with medication. However, for the majority of women who have leakage that starts shortly after childbearing, the problem relates to poor support. So, if you are a woman who has put up with urinary leakage since delivering your children, fortunately, you no longer need to continue to suffer from unpleasant symptoms of urinary leakage. Our physicians are skilled in the latest procedures to improve urinary incontinence. Whereas sometimes medications and lifestyle changes can help improve urine leakage, for some women a minor procedure such as a mid-urethral sling procedure can provide long-term relief of urinary incontinence with minimal risk and a quick return to your normal lifestyle. There is no need to suffer any longer.