New Jersey Prenatal Care

Pregnant Woman At DoctorPregnancy is an exciting time for expectant moms and their families, but it also comes with a lot of questions. Whether you’re a first-time mom learning everything from scratch, an experienced mom embarking on another thrilling journey or a woman concerned about potential complications, our caring and knowledgeable team can help.

Routine Prenatal Care

Though every pregnancy is different, there are some standards of care that apply to almost everyone. We’ll guide you through every stage of your pregnancy, so you’re always aware of how your baby is growing, what you need nutritionally, which vaccines you should consider and how other factors such as age, tobacco and alcohol use and travel could affect your health and/or the health of your child.

If you’re trying to conceive and wish to start a future pregnancy off on the right foot, Advanced Obstetrics and Gynecology offers information about several preconceptual considerations, including overall health recommendations, suggestions for reducing your risk of birth defects and preconception carrier screening.

Testing, Genetic Screening And Third Trimester Considerations

Patients who are at high risk for certain genetic disorders may choose to screen for those conditions during or before pregnancy, utilizing one of several diagnostic or screening tests to identify risk and offer a diagnosis. We can also screen for some birth defects; for instance, nuchal translucency screenings in the first trimester may indicate a higher risk of Down syndrome. Early detection may deliver peace of mind or allow parents more time to adjust and plan.

Once you’re into your third trimester, you’ll likely start thinking about cord blood banking, group B streptococcus, the possibility of preterm birth and practical things such as how to install a car seat safely. We have plenty of insight and helpful resources standing by.

Medical Complications

Sometimes even the best-laid plans give way to the unexpected. When you’re facing a medical complication or having a high-risk pregnancy, it’s essential to find an experienced provider you can trust. Our physicians are board certified and passionate about helping women with complications such as:

  • Gestational Diabetes
  • Bleeding
  • Back Pain
  • Multiple Pregnancy
  • Hepatitis B and C
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Early Pregnancy loss
  • Ectopic Pregnancy
  • Repeated Miscarriages

Make An Appointment

If you have questions about your pregnancy, we have the answer. To schedule your first visit prenatal care appointment or to discuss testing, preconception screening or other pregnancy-related concerns, contact our offices today.

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